Happy Birthday Paige

So I am a BAD mom, really not, but sometimes I feel like it.  I have not blogged Paige’s birthday.  Although her “real” birthday is not for a few mores days.  SHe was just a little impatient so she came almost 3 weeks early.   Needless to say she is still a bit impatient.

A bit about Paiges birth, since it is such an interesting story.  We were still in NY and being March it was still COLD.  We had just had a little bit of a snow storm and my hubby was on call that night.  I had calle dhim early inthe day to tell him something was up.  Ya know how you just KNOW somethings, well this was one of those things.  So he tells me I am just anxious, etc….. So I go and make arrangements for Hannah and he really thinks I am nuts.

He get home at about 10:00 and takes a quick shower and crawls into bed.  Meanwhile I am MISERABLE.  I am having contractions and all these other things.  SO I finally call the Dr, she says come on in.  WELL that is an hour drive on a good day, so my poor hubby who had been to work since about 6:30 that morning had to get back out of bed and drive me to the hospital, ANd lo and behold THEY KEEP ME THERE.  I love being right, LOL.

Anyhow, at 5:58 am Little Miss PAige made her way into the world, at a whole 7lbs 6 ozs.  And very bit of bright orange hair, which matched her skin.

She ended up spending almost two weeks in the Hospital, most of it in the NICU.  She was pretty jaundice.  I do not have any pictures of her there, i was to stressed the MY BABY was in there and most of her little pictures are on the other computer but here are some over the past few years.


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